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Adding an Account in Kapta is quick and easy!  Simply follow these steps to create a new account.

From any view in Kapta, you can create a new Account by clicking the “Create New” icon and choosing "Create Account":




Or, you can click the  “Account” tab, then click  “Add Account”.





You can choose to add an account individually or upload via an excel spreadsheet.



Add An Account Using Quick Add

Click the “Quick Add” icon.


The "Creating Account" page will appear. Start from the “Basic” tab.



Below is a brief description of each field:

1.  Account Name - the name of your client/customer
2.  Owner - owner of the client company
3.  Budget Set Date - start date of the contract, agreement or any document indicating commencement of profit/income
4.  Website - website of the client company
5.  Account Description - brief summary of the client company, business relationship, etc.
6.  Parent Account - if the account belongs to a bigger account, or is a sub-account, project
7.  Account Type – refer to Selecting Account Type below

Other tabs are:

8.  More Info tab (optional) - if you have any Custom Fields they can be updated here
9.  Add Contributors tab - you can add other people, aside from the account owner, to view and edit the account, provided that he/she is also a Kapta user
10.  Products tab - choose from the products list the, the Admin puts in the list of products available for selection

Once done, click “Save”.



Add An Account Using Excel Upload

Click the “Excel Upload” icon.


Click the “Upload” button and choose the file.



Follow the instructions and choose the file from your computer. The upload will begin. When done, click “Finish”.



For multiple accounts use the "Accounts Template".



Selecting “Account Type”


a)  Normal – standard business rules apply, this can be defined internally by your company
b)  Strategic – special partnerships or business rules apply, this can be defined internally by your company
c)  Archived – label for accounts that are retired without necessarily deleting from the system

The Account Type can be edited anytime.


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