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ver. 2.0

Key Players are important contacts associated with your accounts.

To add a Key Player, click on the account name.


Scroll down to the "Key Players and Contacts" section under the Account Details Tab. You can then click on the Add Key Player link at the bottom of the section. 


Once clicked, a "Create New Contact" flyout will appear on the right, where you can fill out basic information and then press save.


 You can also add more information by clicking on the "Edit More Details" link at the bottom, which will open a modal window with a more detailed form.


This page has 3 tabs:

  • Basic
  • More Info
  • Check In


Basic Tab:

a)  Contains similar information to the "Create New Contact"

b)  Role - click the drop down to select from Executive Sponsor, Decision Maker, etc.

c)  Friend/Foe - click the drop down to select from A (Most Friendly) to F (Least Friendly)

d)  Decision Power - click the drop down to select from XL (Most Weight) to S (Least Weight)

e)  Reports To - the name of the person the contact directly reports to, used in the Org Chart view/Report

f)  Is Primary Contact - tick the box if the contact is your first tier access point

g)  Internal Contact - a connection within your organization, used in the Account Contact Mapping Report

h)  Details - a short summary regarding the key player



More Info Tab:

a)  LinkedIn URL -  optional information

b)  Twitter URL-  optional information

c)  Division - if applicable for the client organization, this is a Customized Field

d)  Years In Role -  optional information, this is a Customized Field



Check In Tab:

a)  On/Off - the the notification on or off

b)  Contact Method - click the drop down to select from email, phone or meeting

c)  How Often - click the drop down to select the frequency, such as daily, weekly, etc.

d)  Start Date - user dependent field




Once you've saved a Key Player, their name will now appear in the Key Players section. You can click on their name to see an overview flyout appear on the right. From here you can choose to edit details, or view the contact's full profile. 


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