Add Opportunity

ver. 1.0


To begin, go to your account, on the "Details" tab scroll to the "Opportunities" section.

Click "Add Opportunities".



On the "Create Opportunity for .." page, fill in the information:

a)  Name - required field

b)  Discovery - choose from pre-determined stages Discovery, Demo, Scoping, etc..

c)  Value - required field, put in the estimated revenue

d)  Forecasted Close Date - use this to have a time bound goal

e)  Description - briefly describe the opportunity presented

f)  Upload Opportunity Document - add important documents relating to the opportunity



When done, click "Save".



Your new opportunity will be displayed on the "Details" tab. The opportunity card has the following features:

1)  Click on the Opportunity Name to edit.

2)  Click on the arrow to download the opportunity document.

3)  The filter arrow lets you choose the display from Active, Closed Won and Closed Lost.






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