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One of the most important concepts within Kapta is Voice of Customer (VOC). The VOC allows you to deeply understand your customers' goals, expectations and challenges.

The VOC process allows you to build a series of survey questions (we recommend 3 to 5) that are designed to guide a strategic conversation with your key accounts. For example, asking questions like "why did you buy from us?" and "what are your top priorities this year?" may sound simple, but they can deliver very powerful insights.

You can gather VOC data either in-person (at a kick-off meeting or QBR, for example) or through an email survey. As a best practice, we recommend doing the VOC surveys in-person for your top 2 or 3 contacts at each account.

Another best practice is to refresh the VOC every 90 days or so. This makes sure that you are current in your understanding of what's going on with your customer, and provides a great check-in point, too.

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