Tracking An Action as a Metric

ver. 1.0


Select the account. Click on the "Action Plan" tab and select the action you want to track as a metric.

Click the "Action Name".Tracking_An_Action_as_a_Metric_01.png


The slider will appear. Click "Edit".



The "Edit Action" page will appear. Click the "Track As Metric" switch. The page will expand to show the attributes of the metric.


Fill in the information:

a)  Metric Name - required field

b)  Metric Type - choose from Number, Percent or Currency

c)  Start Value - choose from None, K (thousand), M (million) or B (billion)

d)  Target Value - choose from None, K (thousand), M (million) or B (billion)

e)  Target Success Value - choose from "Greater than or equal to" or "Less than or equal to"


When done, click "Save".

Your metric will appear on the action card.


The "Action Owner" or assigned person will also see this on his "Dashboard".





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