Account Plan Templates

ver. 1.0

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Customize your templates for the "Action Plan" tab of your accounts.

Go to "Settings" and click "Templates".

The "Action Plan Templates" page has the following features:



a)  Launched Template - an indicator that a template is active and can be accessed

b)  Drag and Drop Icon - for manually arranging the order of the templates

c)  Account List - displays a list of all accounts using the template

d)  Launch - starts the launching procedure for the template

e)  Edit - displays the Edit page, click to edit the template

f)  Objectives - displays a lift of objectives for the template

g)  Add Template - use to create a template




Creating Templates

Click "Add Template"


The "Add Template" page will appear.


1)  Template Name - mandatory fiield

2)  Duration - select from the drop down


3)  Section to add Template - select the section


4)  Description - not a mandatory field, useful to add more details on the usage of the template 




Click "Save" when done.










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