Reports Overview

ver. 1.0


Kapta makes reporting automated and easy for you. There are 2 ways to access Reports:

  • Portfolio Reports
  • Reports Menu




The report list can be accessed from the "Dashboard" and the account page.





Currently, the following Portfolio reports are available:

  • Portfolio Report - displays accounts by health, top 5 and bottom 5
  • Relationship Matrix Report - displays the top 3 account contacts and their roles
  • Portfolio Metric Report - displays account metrics and comparison to past month
  • Portfolio Task Report - displays tasks on all accounts over a period of 30, 60, 90
  • Portfolio Template Report - displays the active action plan templates on all accounts
  • Portfolio Action Plan Report - displays the Action Plans and their status foa all accounts
  • Portfolio Customer Action Plan Report - displays the Action Plans from the customer
  • Portfolio Opportunity Report - displays categorized Opportunities for all accounts 







The list displays all the available reports in Kapta, including the Portfolio Reports list.

Accounts Report List:

  • Account Profile Report - complete profile of a particular account
  • Account SWOT Report - SWOT contents of a particular account
  • Account Action Plan - Active plans for a particular account
  • Account Voice of the Customer - VOC results for a particular account
  • Account Org Chart - the customer org chart in graphical view
  • Account Metrics - shows a monthly histogram of the metric rating
  • Account Contact Mapping - shows external customer contacts in reference to internal contacts
  • Account Action Plan Metrics - shows actions that are tracked as a metric
  • Customer Report - shows all active customer reports
Account Packs:
This is a customized group of reports. The list is dependent on user creation of different packs.
Generating reports is a simple three step process:
(1)  Choose your report
(2)  Click "Preview" or "Launch Report"
(3)  Click "Download" to save the report on your computer



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