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This article will guide you as you set the parameters or measures used  in order to compare or track performance.


Configuring Metrics in Kapta

Select "Metrics". 

On the "Metrics" page note that the Standard metrics are required. These will be your gauge whether an account is performing.


The "Metrics" page has the following features:

a)  Standard Metrics - the top 4 most important items

b)  Edit - this enables you to edit the metric and customize according to what you need for the business

c)  Add Metric - for creating metrics

d)  Metric Arranger - this icon enables you to drag and drop the chosen metric in any order, this will appear on the "Details" tab of the account 



Edit or Add Metric

Click either "Edit" or "Add Metric". 


There are several fields in the "Configure Metric" page, described as follows:

  • Metric - a text field that accommodates 27 characters
  • Icon - choose the icon from the drop down to represent your metric
  • Colors - choose the color palette for your metric indicators   


  • Metric Type - choose the type of value
  • Dashboard Metric Roll-up - select the numeric summary
  • Family - both a text and search field, create a family or search from existing types


  • Decimal Places - select the number of decimal places to display


  • Configuration Start - type the starting value and select the multiplier
  • Configuration Target - type the desired goal and select the multiplier


Click "Save" when done.



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