Email Delivery

Issue: You may not be receiving emails from Kapta.  They may be caught in your spam or quarantine repositories.

Resolution: If you or your users are not receiving emails from Kapta, you'll need to add the following domains to your domain whitelists:

  • US:
  • EU:

Cause: Kapta sends email using Amazon's SES service.  Depending on which data center on which we've setup your instance, in-app messages will originate from the following locations:

EU Data Center (Your Kapta login begins with

Region name: EU (Ireland) Region
Region: eu-west-1
API (HTTPS) endpoint:
SMTP endpoint:

US Data Center (Your Kapta login begins with

Region name: US East (N. Virginia) Region
Region: us-east-1
API (HTTPS) endpoint:
SMTP endpoint:


For more information about Amazon SES, please refer to Amazon's Regions and Amazon SES page.


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