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What is a Workgroup?

A workgroup is a space where you can collaborate with colleagues to accomplish objectives and goals. To access a workgroup, logon to Kapta, and then select the Workgroups tab.

If you do not see this tab, you may need to have it activated. Please contact your Administrator to activate this feature.

How do I create a Workgroup?

  1. Login to Kapta
  2. Click the "Workgroups" tab.
  3. Click the "Actions" menu on the upper-right, and then select the "Create Workgroup" option. If you do not see the "Create Workgroup" option, please contact your administrator to gain the appropriate permissions.
  4. An editor is displayed. Here, you can enter a name for your workgroup, give it a description, add members, associate the workgroup with one or more objectives, and set Kanban limits. Once everything is configured,
  5. Click the "Save" button to complete the creation of the workgroup.

How do I change which Workgroup is displayed?

At the top of the page, you’ll find a drop-down list to the right of an image icon. This drop-down list allows you to pick a workgroup from all workgroups of which you are a member. Once selected, the rest of the page is updated to include information about the selected workgroup.

How do I create a Goal for a Workgroup?

  1. Click the "Create Goal" button.
  2. In order for the goal to be included in a workgroup, ensure that the desired workgroup is selected in the drop-down list under “Choose a Workgroup.”
  3. Once the workgroup is selected, you can link the goal to any of the workgroup’s objectives by selecting an option from the “Link to Parent Objective” drop-down list.
  4. In the next column of the dialog, you can assign the goal to any of the members of the workgroup. The “Assign to” field defaults to the currently logged in user, but can be modified, by clicking the red “x,” entering a partial employee name to search the list of workgroup members, and then clicking the employee’s row in the list.
  5. Upon Save button click, the goal is added to the workgroup.

Do Workgroup Goals require manager approval?

No. Workgroup goals never require approval by the employee’s manager. This allows workgroups to be used more easily by cross-functional teams.

Workgroup Kanban Explained

If you have the workgroup feature enabled, you can look at all your workgroup goals either in a list view or in a kanban view.  Here's what the kanban view looks like:

Here, we can see we have two current (active) goals, and nothing in any other column.  From this view, you can click and drag these actions into any of the other columns.  Here's a brief description of each column and how it's defined:

Kanban swim lane definitions

Backlog - This is a state that allows you to have a goal without an owner.  This is a good way to limit your workgroup's amount of work in process by moving all the goals here that aren't actively being worked on.

Upcoming - This is a state that allows you to have a goal with a future start date.  Similar to the backlog, this is a good way to limit your workgroup's amount of work in process by scheduling goals into the future.  Upcoming goals become current whenever the start date arrives.

Current - This is also known as "active" - any goal with a start date that begins today or earlier.


Completed - As the name suggests, goals that have been completed are placed here.


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