What is a KPI?

A KPI is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. Organizations use KPIs to evaluate their success at reaching targets. (Source)

How do I create KPIs in Kapta?

To enable this capability, you'll need to enable the feature, then create a KPI.  See the sections below to learn how to complete each step:

Enabling the KPI (Metric) feature

1. Login to Kapta

2. Click "Go to admin mode" in the upper right hand corner of your menu bar

3. Click "Settings" in the menu bar

4. On the right hand side in the Manage box, click "Feature Settings"

5. Check the box next to “Metric Feature Enabled”

6. Click Save Settings

Creating a KPI

7. From this Admin mode, click "Objectives" 

Note: If you're using soft labels to rename objectives, this will likely read as something else.

8. On the right hand side in the Manage box, click "Objectives"

9. If you wish to create a company (top) level objective, click "+ Create New".  If you wish to link your KPI to an objective, click "View Linked Objectives" under the objective you wish to create your KPI.

10. Give your objective a name and the relevant dates

11. Click the "Advanced" tab

12. Click the "Track as metric" check box

13. Now, here is where you can define your KPI

A. Give your KPI a name

B. Choose the type of measure you'd like to create (Number, Percentage, or Currency)

C. Based on your type selection, you may be given options on how you'd like to see it formatted.

D. Assign a starting value (if there is one)

E. Choose your comparison logic (greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, or equal to)

F. Identify your target value

G. Assign the metric to the person responsible for tracking/updating it

Here's an example:

14. When you're satisfied, click "Save"

Updating Your KPI

In this case, I gave the KPI to myself.  To update it:

15. Click "Exit Admin mode" in the upper right hand corner of your menu bar

16. Click "My Goals" in the menu bar

17. Find the metric on your My Goals page

18. Changing the value from 0 to the new value will automatically update the percent complete.

Note: I can even exceed the value and have an over-delivery against my goal

Viewing Your KPI

19. Click "Home" in your menu bar

20. Click the "Dashboard" sub tab

21. Click the "View By" dropdown and change the value from Objective to Metric

22. The dashboard now shows you your progress toward your KPI

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