Completing Goals

Completing a goal means you have successfully completed all that has been defined in the goal. There are two ways to complete the goal:

1. Using the percent complete slider
a. Moving your mouse to the percentage graphic next to the "click to update" area

b. slide the progress bar to 100%

c. choose "Yes" when prompted to complete the goal


2. Completing the goal
a. Click "Show More" to expand the goal's details

b. Click the Detail tab

c. Click "Complete goal"
d. Choose "yes" when prompted to complete the goal

Where did my Goal go?

Completing goals takes the goal out of your "active" view and adds it to your "completed" timeline. You can see the timeline by clicking the "Completed" radio button on the My Goals page, just beneath the Objective Guide. To re-open a goal, click "Show More" next to the goal, then click the Details tab, and click "Re-open Goal". This will put the goal back into your "Current" view

What's the difference?

Clicking "Complete Goal" will change the status from Active to Completed, ignoring the percent complete. This can result in you having a completed goal with 0% progress made. This option will cause the objective to treat the completed goal as 0%, which will reduce your total percentage complete.

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