Creating your own Goals

To create a goal, click the  icon on the top part of My Goals page

a. Give your goal a short name (5-7 words starting with a verb)
b. Give your goal a description (would your manager know what this was if he or she saw it?)
c. Link this goal to the company objective that would best fit the goal's outcome.
d. Choose a due date less than a month from today
e. Click Save

Linking to Parent Objectives?

Each goal must be linked to a parent objective before saving. The relevant strategic objectives can be found in your Objective Guide on the My Goals page.

Pro Tip: Shorten Your End Dates!

Goals with due dates far into the future tend to stagnate and go stale - break up your work into more, shorter term goals. Doing so creates wins for you, and it also better represents the progress you're making toward that objective. Win-win!

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