Viewing your Goals

The My Goals page shows you all your objectives and goals, segmented by the following statuses:


The Objective Guide shows you the hierarchy of objectives defined for your company.

The green check marks indicate which objectives you can align your Goals to.

You can also hide the Objective Guide by clicking the "Hide Objective Guide" button.

Note: If an objective has children, you will only be able to link your Goals to the lowest level objective in a particular hierarchy.


Goals represent how you're going to achieve or fulfill an objective.  These goals are listed using the following statuses:

1. "Current" - Shows all Goals with a start date of today or earlier.

2. "Upcoming" - Shows all Goals with a start date in the future.

3. "Parked" - Shows all Goals which have been parked (put on hold)

4. "Completed" - Shows all Goals which have been completed.

Want to make changes to your Goals?  Click the "Show More" icon on the far right of this Goal, then select the "Detail" tab to see more information about your goal.

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