Using the Dashboard Page

The Dashboard gives you a dynamic way of presenting all of your company's objectives and goals in single page.

Viewing the Dashboard

You can view the dashboard by clicking the "Home" link in the header, then selecting the "Dashboard" sub tab.

Dashboard Visibility

The Dashboard can be displayed throughout your organization based on the level of transparency you wish to share:

These settings can be changed at any time as an administrator.  We recommend "Full Transparency" to give your leadership team and your company a full perspective of how your company is progressing towards it's objectives.

Drawing the Dashboard

The Dashboard renders based on your organizational chart - specifically the "Manager" and "Team" fields.  In this case, Jack is the CEO, and has the following people (and their corresponding teams) reporting to him.


Customizing your Dashboard

The Dashboard lets you organize your data and progress in a couple different ways:

You can View (sort) your data by

  • Viewing by Objective will show you the top level objective, followed by each supporting team's roll-up underneath that objective.
  • Viewing by Team will show you each team's roll-up as a whole.
  • Viewing by Metric will show you any KPIs that you've created or defined.

You can also compare progress over periods of time:

Diving Deeper on the Dashboard

Let's take the following dashboard example:

Here, we are looking at the Dashboard by Team and over the last 7 days.  There are two paths we can take to learn more about what's happening:

  1. by drilling in on the color coded goals (goal status)
  2. by clicking into the white space above to see what specific progress has occurred in the last seven days (delta progress)

Let's look at each in more detail.

Goal Status Progress

By clicking into the color bar of a dashboard component, we can dive deeper into what's happening in the executive team:

Clicking into the Executive team's color bar shows us the breakdown of the goal progress by objective:

Depending on your visibility settings, you may be able to click down further until you see the individual level of goal details.  However, this may be too granular - what do you do if you just want to see what's happened over the last week?

Goal Delta Progress

By clicking into the white space of a dashboard component, we can dive deeper into what's happening in the executive team:

Clicking into the Executive progress box shows us everything that has been updated from members of the Executive team:

This is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening inside your organization.

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