Using the Team Objectives Page

Teams can identify and create their own unique objectives in Kapta. 

To create an objective, click the "My Team" link in the header, then select the "Team Objectives" tab.  

Then click "Create Team Objective".  This will pull up a dialog box:

Before creating a new team objective, you must populate the following information:

  • Parent Objective - please select the appropriate objective under which you wish to link this objective
  • Name - please give your team objective an appropriate name that clarifies the work you'll be doing
  • Team - please enter your team name in this list

Though not required, we strongly encourage you to populate the appropriate start and due dates.

Advanced Options

By default, any newly created team objective will be owned by the team manager.

Did you know?

You can also specify specific users in the "User" field that are outside of your own team.

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