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Turning on your Salesforce integration

There are two methods for enabling an Account, Contact, and Opportunity integration with Salesforce.  In both cases you must be both an administrator in Kapta and Salesforce.  If you do not have these privileges please contact the appropriate person in your organization to gain that access.

Step 1:

Login to Kapta as an administrator and go to Settings -> Configuration:


You'll need to click EDIT on the integrations setting.

Step 2:

Enable the Salesforce integration by clicking the switch


Step 3:

From this step you will need to make a choice about what kind of integration you'd like to setup.  If you just want a simple pull of data from Salesforce or you don't really want to do anything advanced with Salesforce choose the basic option.  This will allow you to import Accounts, Contact, and Opportunities from Salesforce, but will require each user to have a Salesforce login to do so.  

If you are an experienced Salesforce Administrator or can get help from an experienced Salesforce Administrator then you have the Advanced option.  This integration will login as one user, reducing your Salesforce license needs.  It will also add the ability to push/sync data to and from Salesforce.  If you need these requirements and can setup custom apps in Salesforce, this is the option for you.  Proceed to the Advanced setup section.

Basic Setup:



This will open a new page that links to the Installer for the Kapta Salesforce package.  If you are not logged into Salesforce it will require you to login.  The login user you use should have full Administrator access to Salesforce.  After you login you should be presented with something that looks like this:


For the best results, choose Install for All Users.  If you are very comfortable with setting up profiles/roles in Salesforce, you can also install for just those profiles you choose.

Once that is installed (Salesforce will send you an email to confirm), close the page/tab and return to Kapta where you will see the following confirmation dialog:


Choose Yes and the system will now communicate with Salesforce to test if the connection properly works.  It may ask you permission to access Salesforce, which you will need to do.  After which you will be presented with a Success dialog, click finish to proceed.  Salesforce is now enabled!

If it doesn't work, or other stages do not work please contact with any questions.

Once this is installed you can now import directly from Salesforce via the CREATE button.



Advanced Setup :


You will be presented with a form requiring the following information:



If you do not know what any of this information is, here is a brief explanation.

Consumer Key - This is the key for the Custom OAuth App you have created for Kapta in your Salesforce instance

Consumer Secret - This is the secret key for the Custom OAuth App you have create for Kapta in your Salesforce instance

Username - The user you will be using to access/update data from Salesforce, needs to have access to Accounts, Contact, and Opportunities as well as the Custom OAuth App.

Password - This user's password

Security Token - This user's security token

For instructions on how to create a Custom OAuth App in a non-lightning Salesforce setup click here.

For instructions on how to create a Custom OAuth App in a Lightning Salesforce setup click here.

The user you create is up to you, but if you have any issues please email


Once you have all the above information click SAVE AND CONTINUE and now, like the basic setup you can import Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities from Salesforce.  

In addition you will see 6 (4 if you have not licensed Opportunities) new integration processes in your settings dashboard:


By default these integration processes will all be disabled.  These integrations are used by Kapta to sync data to and from Salesforce. 

The integrations labeled "Update" are for pushing data from Kapta to Salesforce.  Enabling these will meant that changes to standard data in Kapta will be updated to Salesforce if the data changes.  

The integrations labeld "Import" are for pulling data from Salesforce.  This is done daily at 12:30 GMT.  These processes will update any linked data that has changed in Salesforce in Kapta.  Please note, if data is not linked (either from importing from the standard dialogs in Kapta or via updating the CRMID in excel data uploads), it will not be updated.  These integrations can be run immediately to automatically sync data if needed.


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