Salesforce (Lightning) Custom OAuth App Setup

If you are using the new Salesforce Lightning experience please use the following instructions.

Step 1: Go to Salesforce setup as an administrator and use the quick search to search for "App" and choose App Manager from the search results.


Step 2: Click on New Connected App.



Step 3:  You will need to create an OAuth application for Kapta, you can call it whatever you like but we recommend calling it Kapta_Integration and putting as the contact email.  

Click Enable OAuth Settings under the API (Enable OAuth Settings) section.  You will need to add the following call back URLs.  


If you have a dedicated server you will also need to add a call back to that URL as well.

Lastly, please add the OAuth scope Access and Manage your data (api). It should look like this for reference:


Step 4: Click save and then you will be shown your new Consumer Key and Consumer Secret Key that should be used to update your Kapta integration settings.


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