Release : 2019-03-31

Task/Action Reminder Emails

You can now set Kapta when email reminders for Tasks/Actions. There are two new settings in the Notification and Email Settings under Settings -> Configuration that can be changed to your preference or turned off entirely.  The emails will combine all of the actions/tasks due based on your choices and reminder the owners of what needs to be done.

It defaults to the following :Task_Action_Email_Settings.png


Action Email Fix

When a user creates or assigns an Action to another user, the other user should receive an email notifying them of the action.  This was working in some workflows, but not all.  This gap has been filled and now an email will be generated correctly for all instances when this occurs.

Task/Action Card UX/UI

Added the ability to go to the Action Detail view from a task card that is associated to an action.  This is a very nice view to manage actions and tasks, as well as look over the history of an action.

URL Custom Field

A new custom field type has been added to allow a cleaner way to show external web links for Account Custom fields. 

Click here for a brief video review of how to use the URL Custom Field feature (video also covers the Expand/Collapse account summary feature) . 

Account Detail UX/UI

A new "Website" link has been created for accounts that update the website field.  A Expand/Collapse view has been added for the account summary view when you use more than 4 custom fields.  This reduces the amount of visible space custom fields takes up.

Click here for a brief video review of how to use the Expand/Collapse view (video also covers URL Custom field feature). 

Account Note Search

Added the ability to search the notes in a specific account.  This should make it easier to find emails or subjects that may be re-used across multiple accounts and therefore making the global search hard to use.  A new search bar has been added to the Account Note tab for this purpose.

Click here for a brief video review of how to use the Account Note Search feature.

Salesforce Advanced Integration (boolean support)

Import of boolean or checkbox fields from Salesforce has been added.  This will store values as Yes/No in Kapta.  If you use the custom field type "List" you can also help users to update these fields.

General Bug Fixes

Performance/UX/Consitancy bugs and issues.



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