Use Case for SWOT in Kapta

There are two different approaches to utilize the SWOT analysis section in Kapta.  The easiest, and arguably the more useful format is to look at the relationship with the customer from your organizations perspective.  The latter would be a format in which an evaluation of the customer in their own market is used.  This can be challenging if there is a lack of detailed knowledge about the customer and their position within their market, but can also provide a nice exercise for learning more about the customer and therefore enhancing the relationship.  Continue reading for a brief breakdown of each section of the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity Threats) based on the format chosen.


Use Case A: Reviewing SWOT based on our internal view of the existing relationship between us and our customer:

S - Strength: What is keeping our relationship strong with the customer?  What feedback have they provided regarding our products/ services that they appreciate? 

W - Weakness:  What is harming, or has harmed, the relationship and the satisfaction level of the customer and their view of our organization/products/services? 

O - Opportunities: What external factors are causing pressure on our customer that we may be able to solve? What are potential upsell opportunities based on the external factors, or based on the existing relationship and potential of enhancing it?

T - Threat: What external factors are threatening our relationship with the customer or could potentially threaten our relationship that we want to keep an eye on and strategize around? i.e. What are competitors offering, are there budget cuts, etc.


Use Case B: Reviewing SWOT on behalf of the customer in their own market

S - Strength: What separates them in their own market from their competitors in a positive way?

W - Weakness: What is stopping them from performing at an optimal level?

O - Opportunities: What favorable external factors may be able to help the customer gain a competitive advantage?

T - Threats: What external factors may cause harm to their status in the market place currently or in the future?

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