Contact Filtered views

Click here for a brief video overview of the feature and how to use.

Filters to narrow the Kay Player & Contact list is now available -

The filter will utilize any default or custom fields in the contact card to narrow the list displayed on the details tab within the account.  


1.) To use a filter or create a filter, click on the dropdown arrow as seen below:



2.) The dropdown will display any filters that have already been created (select the filter accordingly) or to add a new filter click on Add Filter as seen below:



 3.) Select the field and pertinent data that you would like to filter by.  You may save the filter to utilize at another time by checking the box and naming the filter accordingly, as seen below:


4.) The filter will then be applied to the contact list and is also now included in the Filter list when selecting the dropdown:




5.) You can Clear Filter by clicking on the clear filter.  You can see which filter is currently active next to the heading Key Players and Contacts as seen below:



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