Release : 2019-05-05

Metric List

Satisfaction will now be shown in the metric list view.  This enables you to compare this with your operational metrics so you can quickly identify how well each account is doing.

Metric Security

Metrics now have an option for who can edit the data.  If you only want Administrators to edit, you can specify that or you can have everyone update.  One last option only allows Administrators and Account Managers to update but not contributors (this is based on the User role specified on the user).

There also is now an option in Features to lock down the Satisfaction editor.  This enables to you to control this value at either a user or administrator level.

Metric Red-Yellow-Green

This metric type has been changes so that when initially setup the values will show as a grey "Not specified".  As these values are meant to be updated by your account owners/contributors, it makes it easier to see who has actually updated the value rather than just defaulting to green.

General Bug Fixes

Several bug fixes around the Reports list and various other workflow bugs.

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