Release: 2019-07-29

Action Plan Timeline report options

A few new options have been added to the timeline/swimlane report.  You can now include action notes to this report which will show below the actions.  These are the notes you update on the action in your action plan, not to be confused with account notes.  You can choose to run without notes, show the last 3 notes per action, or any notes within a time period from today.


Team View summaries

We have changed the format of the team view to better reflect the work that your team is doing.  This will now show summaries of the accounts, contracts, SWOT, and Action Plans.  We will continue adding to this functionality so that you can get a better idea of what your team is up to and how they are progressing through your Account Management program.


Person/User Activity Detail

When looking at a user's activity detail (the screen you see when you search users) we have also added the above summaries, but in this view have also added opportunity summaries and pipeline if that feature is enabled.


Bug and minor features

Several bugs in the opportunity reports, metric reports, and integrations have been resolved.  

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