Release: 2019-08-12

Overview Dashboard

We have added a new dashboard for Administrators and Manager to use to review how users are engaging with Kapta.  This new view, which will have more enhancements coming, groups the data by individual so you can see how each person is touching your accounts and if they are covering their accounts well.  It will show contracts, if they expiring soon, opportunities, SWOT completion, Action Plan completion, and overall activity.


Team and Employee Account List Views

The team and employee views have been change to support both the overview dashboard and to allow individuals to see better how they are working their accounts.  Table data and summaries have been change/added to make it much simpler to rate how people are working in Kapta.


Summary Metric Export

We have added a new excel data extract that shows a summary of information like the above team and dashboard views.  This should allow you to create internal reporting on how your overall organisation is using Kapta.


Bug fixes and UI improvements

We have been fixing a number of reported issues from customers and changed some UI elements to make the system fresher looking and more intuitive.  

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