Mailchimp Integration

With Mailchimp integration, you can easily add your contacts to your Mailchimp audience lists. Contacts can belong to multiple lists via Mailchimp Tags, allowing you to customize your marketing as needed for each contact.

Important: Tags added to contacts in Kapta will additionally be updated on Mailchimp, while Tags added to members on Mailchimp are not automatically updated for Kapta contacts. For this reason, it is highly recommended that Mailchimp Tags be maintained only in Kapta. Maintaining member Tags on Mailchimp may lead to synchronization issues and lost settings.


To set up Mailchimp integration, first navigate to the Integrations page. This can be found in the following menu:

Settings > Configuration > Integrations

You'll then find the Mailchimp Integration section:




Click the switch to turn on Mailchimp integration, and the configuration screen will automatically appear:


 (Note: Your settings will differ from the ones displayed above)

 To determine your settings, login to your Mailchimp account. Your settings can then be found as follows:

To determine your API URL, view the web address you use to access your Mailchimp account, then use this guide (provided by Mailchimp):

Example: https://<dc>

The <dc> part of the URL corresponds to the data center for your account. For example, if the last part of your Mailchimp API key is us6, all API endpoints for your account are available at

To locate your API Key, follow these steps in Mailchimp:

  1. Click your profile name and select Account.
  2. On the following page, select Extras > API Keys
  3. Copy and existing key, or click Create A Key to create a new key.

To locate your Mailchimp Audience, follow these steps in Mailchimp:

  1. Click the Audience menu at the top of your Mailchimp dashboard.
  2. In the Manage Audience dropdown, select View Audiences
  3. Of the available Audiences, use the audience name you'd like your Kapta contacts to use.

Once you have entered the necessary values in your Mailchimp API Settings, click Save or Save And Synchronize to save the settings. 

Clicking Save will save your settings without verifying the values. Mailchimp will not be immediately accessed and no synchronization will be performed.

Upload To Mailchimp
This option uploads contacts to Mailchimp. When clicking Upload To Mailchimp, a second window will appear, allowing the user to add one or more tags only to the new contacts being uploaded. Contacts that already exist on Mailchimp will not be changed.

Download To Kapta
This option pulls the tags from Mailchimp, ensuring contacts in Kapta have the same tags as on Mailchimp. Note that this is not a bi-directional synchronization - tags on Kapta contacts are not uploaded to Mailchimp during this synchronization.


Once the setup is complete and integration is turned on, Mailchimp Tags can be found on the Communications tab of the Contact entry/update window. Select the Tags you'd like to add, and click Save to update them on your Mailchimp account. Note that adding new contacts also adds them to the configured Mailchimp audience.




Mailchimp contacts and tags can be viewed and maintained by importing and exporting Excel spreadsheets. To export your Kapta contacts and associated Mailchimp tags, click the Data menu in Kapta and then select Mailchimp Contacts and Tags.


When processing is complete, an Excel spreadsheet will be downloaded to your computer containing the Mailchimp settings for your current contacts.


Before importing Mailchimp Contacts and Tags, it is recommended that you first export the report using the Export steps mentioned above. This will provide you with a template and allow you to see the required formatting.

Importing Mailchimp Contacts and Tags performs two functions:

  • Adds contacts to your Mailchimp audience that have not yet been added
  • Adds/removes tags to your Mailchimp contacts as defined in the spreadsheet being imported

The Mailchimp tags used by your audience will be provided in individual columns as shown in the example below:


There are 3 tags used with this example audience:

  • Admin User
  • Regular User
  • Champion

Note: Tags must be defined on the Mailchimp website prior to importing. Undefined column tags will be ignored.

There are 2 values for defining each contact's ownership of a tag:

  • Y - The tag will be added to the contact if it has not yet been added
  • N - The tag will be removed from the contact if it is present
  • Any other value will be ignored, neither adding nor removing the tag for the contact

To import Mailchimp Contacts and Tags, navigate to the Data menu, and then select Import Mailchimp Contacts and Tags from the Import dropdown.


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